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Remove the barriers to better digital journeys

We empower you to fully understand and enrich your customers’ digital journeys. Our technology combines activity, performance and intent in real time. It enables people across functions to collaborate and prioritize timely enhancements to create frictionless digital journeys that power loyalty and business growth.

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Get the inside story from our customers

Truth be told, we don’t want to talk about us. We would rather you hear it from our customers.

"Glassbox provides crucial insights on customer struggles and experience issues that cannot be identified by other systems and helps us address them immediately.”
"Everything you need to track behaviors and build the best customer service in your company. It helps to build your company goals based on customers’ needs."
"We believe that with Glassbox we are able to enhance the client experience, allowing us to deliver a high-quality service."
"Glassbox is helping our company to see the entire customer experience on all of our channels, including in our development playground."
"Extremely impressive journey mapping and anomaly detection."
Security Privacy And Compliance

Security, privacy and compliance

From the beginning we built our technology with scale, security and privacy in mind. Glassbox enables organizations to remain compliant with new and existing regulations, including digital record-keeping, data protection, monitoring and reporting. We have wall-to-wall certifications in privacy and security.

A Results Driven Focus

A results-driven focus

Forget vanity metrics and vague objectives. Our Customer Success team’s main goal is to support your digital transformation and work with you to ensure it delivers great outcomes for your organization.

Transparency And Clarity

Transparency and clarity

Glassbox is the fastest way to get clarity on who, what, where and why. Get insights into every aspect of your digital presence—from troubleshooting and testing, to revealing why your new product isn’t gaining the traction it deserves.

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out of 10 global banks trust Glassbox

Visa CAL streamlines their credit card application process

"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer GoldbergHead of Digital Services

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