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Matching the right insurance product with the right customer

With automated renewals and price comparison sites, getting a quote and taking out a policy has to be quick and easy. But this need for speed has to be balanced with the appropriate checks to ensure the provider has a complete record of each transaction.

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Built-in security for added assurance

Digital transformation has shifted the insurance sector from face-to-face customer interactions to phone, and now increasingly to web and mobile app. Insurers must balance trying to earn customer loyalty through digital channels that make it easy to switch, with keeping up with actuarial risk, fraud and stringent regulations.

Insurance is a contract, which means that insurance companies must ensure that customers understand the importance of disclosing all relevant information.

By recording and analyzing every digital experience, Glassbox gives insurers more security, accountability and regulatory assurance—as well as having a clear record of the basis of the contract.

Insurance companies can use customer behavior analytics to monitor the process to detect suspicious or unusual patterns that warrant further scrutiny.

Built In Security For Added Assurance (1)

Handle complaints and claims faster

Glassbox keeps a complete record of every digital session and enables the insurer to rapidly retrieve the original quote and application in the event of a claim or to resolve complaints and disputes.

Automated Alerts
Automated alerts

Customize the system to automatically monitor and alert you to issues impacting CX and policy renewals.

Data Security
Data security

Handle sensitive PII in full compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, AMRA and other data security requirements as standard.

In Built Privacy
Built-in privacy

By default our security processes and protocols omit, mask and protect sensitive data.

Smooth Renewal
Smooth renewal

Web and mobile app tools show you where and why customers are struggling.

Visualize Issues
Visualize issues

Dashboards give you the ability to monitor in real time and drill down to understand and resolve the root cause of problems.

Good Faith
Good faith

Get the data you need to provide a suitable product, and ensure customers get the information they want too.

Grow Your Topline

Grow your topline

Glassbox enables you to identify when and why customers abandon a quote or a renewal, so you can remove the cause and increase your conversion and retention rates. It also enables you to see what customers are interested in and reveal hidden lines of business and audiences so you can develop new products to meet the need.

Improve Online Support

Improve online support

Glassbox gives your contact center the ability to provide real time support. With session replays available in your CRM, agents can co-browse with customers to assist with their digital experience and increase contact center effectiveness—and ultimately reduce churn, increase customer satisfaction and NPS.

Investigate Fraud

Investigate fraud

Glassbox enables you to thoroughly investigate fraud and determine exactly what happened. With complete digital data, decide how to respond and find ways to detect recurrences in the future.

Secure Sensitive Data

Secure sensitive data

Glassbox gives you control over who can access sensitive data, with role-based access rules. You can also mask and omit sensitive data to ensure complete data protection at all times. Glassbox offers sophisticated data encryption that’s only accessible to those with authorization.

Cost Effective Storage

Cost-effective storage

Glassbox securely compresses and archives all user sessions in the industry’s only single-tenant cloud. Our patented compression technology makes it affordable to store data, while keeping it easy to retrieve and replay instantly. That means you can track and record every user journey while minimizing storage costs.

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"With Glassbox, we found the full root cause of the issue, including communication with the server.”
Ofer GoldbergHead of Digital Services

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